Lets take a look at the above 1 star review about DR Auto Sales in Scottsdale AZ. Banks will not approve you on a $10,000 car with $500 down. They require a minimum of 10-20% down to finance you. So how is DR Auto Sales advertising $500 down? What DR Auto Sales will do is ask you to lie to the bank about how much money you gave down. This is a major fraud on your end which is highly illegal. In fact if the bank found out they would kill your contract with them and make the DR Auto Sales buy the contract back. In the end you would lose your car and down payment. 


If you actually want to get a car for $500 down you need to goto places like Cactus Jacks, Auto Action, or Drive Now. These guys are their own banks and can finance you regardless of down payment. They have no bank restrictions and don't have to ask you to lie to the bank for them. If you buy a car from them you will finance from them which makes the process a whole lot easier instead of having the finance guy at DR Auto Sales run your credit 10 times through different banks.

DR Auto Sales in Scottsdale AZ and Glendale AZ are known to sell cars that have major mechanical issues. They do not have a certified mechanic on staff and do not seem to be inspecting their cars pre sale. They buy the cars as is from auction and in turn sell the car to you as is. From what we can see from online reviews it looks like most customers are having major mechanical issues after just a few weeks of driving the car and they will not help you fix it as you are buying the car as is. This is a huge red flag and we recommend buying from a big dealership that will have a ASE certified mechanic on staff to inspect the vehicle before you purchase it.