DR Auto Sales in Glendale AZ and Scottsdale AZ is just another dealership ripping off consumers. Reviews advise that their cars are being sold without being inspected and have major mechanical issues. They are only offering 15 day 500 mile warranties the state minimum because they know their cars are going to break down after that. Did you know even if you return a broken car or stop making payments they will take you to court for the balance of the entire contract? Not only will they take you to court they are able to garnish your wages and siphon your bank account until the amount is paid. There is nothing worse than buying a car and having it break down and still owing all the money for it.

Stay very far away from this dealership and other dealerships that use this business model. 


We recommend bigger dealerships like Auto Action which is directly across the street and offer newer reliable cars as little as $499 down or New Deal which is down the street. Always buy from a bigger dealership that have the capital and staff to take care of you and your vehicle.  Both Auto Action and New Deal have full time mechanics in place that are actually certified and able to inspect your car pre sale as well as after if any issues arise. 

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